3 - Dawyck Botanic Garden

Dawyck Botanic Garden Dawyck is one of the world’s finest arboreta. Seasonal displays of abundant exotic and native plants provide a breathtaking backdrop of colour throughout the year.

From spring into early summer, the azalea terrace dazzles with a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. Above a carpet of native bluebells bloom vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and whites.

Catch the terrace on a good sunny day and it can’t be beaten, and even in the autumn the terrace can impress with the autumn colours as the azaleas lose their leaves for winter.

Locate the Tree Trail Stamp: visitor welcome desk


Near Peebles, Scottish Borders, EH45 9JU

Opening Times

Opening Times vary please check their website.

More Info at: http://www.rbge.org.uk/the-gardens/dawyck